Frequently Asked Questions

Kompete is a space on the web where people who compete in design competitions can upload and share their work with the entire web community. All teams members involved in a particular work can create a profile and connect themselves to a particular project.

After registering with the site and creating a profile, select the "Upload Project" button at the top of the screen and proceed as follows.

Detailed Instructions for Uploading a Competition Entry:

1. Select a competition name from the database or if not listed, click "Enter my own competition title" and then enter the official name of the competition as accurately as possible.

2. Enter your team or firm name.

3. Enter one or more tags identifying key characteristics of your project.

4. Click "Choose File" to select a Project Thumbnail image. Click "Upload" after selecting the image. Note the 1 megabyte filesize limit and image dimensions.

5. Enter text into the "Overview" field to describe your project.

6. Project publishes immediately by default. Un-check the "Publish" checkbox in order to work on the entry as a "draft". To later publish the entry, select the project from your profile and click the "Edit Details" button at the bottom of the Overview text description in the project preview.

7. Click "Save Project".

8. You are then taken to the project preview page. Click "Upload Slide" in the upper right hand corner to upload an image. Images are uploaded one at a time.

9. Select a file. Click "Upload". Add a caption if desired and then select "Save Slide".

10. To continue uploading additional images, select "Upload Another Slide". You can re-order your images by using the buttons available beneath each slide.